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M900 Rapid Set Polyurea Floor Coating Honolulu Hawaii

M900 Hybrid:

Cost effective and fast-set.

Product Description:

M900 is a 100% solids, flexible, two-component abrasion resistant polyurea elastomer spray coating material. M900 is designed to be used in settings where fast cure time and generous elongation are required. Additionally, M900 can be rolled once applied due to its high elongation. A very flexible product, it can be applied directly to fabric, felt, concrete, wood, or steel given the proper substrate preparation. Using no additives, this formula is easy to spray and fast set. Unlike many 100% polyureas, M900 is a highly specialized hybrid with a cure time of only 24 hours. M900 can be applied by itself or in combination with other materials such as a filler, undercoat, or heavy-duty primers. The extremely fast gel time make it suitable for applications down to -20°F without special conditioning of the component resins and isocyanates. M900 produces an extremely tough film from 25 mils to 250 mils without appreciable sag or runs. M900 may be applied in all positions and to any properly prepared substrate. M900 is inert, it will not hydrolyze, leach, or contaminate other material, and is bondable and paintable. M900 is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing applications in the most problematic ambient conditions.

Highlights of Physical Properties:
  • Fast cure time
  • Great elongation
  • Excellent spray pattern/no additives
  • Capable of application in cold or hot weather

Ideal for:

  • Secondary containment applications
  • Steel or concrete
  • Protective liners
  • Patchwork
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Swimming pools, ponds, aquaponics
  • All around affordable, industrial strength protective coating

Unique Advantages

  • "Self-priming" characteristics to decrease job time
  • No VOC's and odorless
  • Installation temperature ranges from -20F to 250F

Technical Data Sheet:

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