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About Liquid Floor of Hawaii


Liquid Floor® of Hawaii is a Honolulu based company specializing in industrial grade epoxy alternative spray on protective polyurea floor coatings. We carry a multitude of polyureas and polyurea hybrids in Honolulu designed to acommodate nearly any flooring, coating, encapsulation, or waterproofing need. Our spray on protective coatings come in all colors, can be applied to almost any surface and dry within seconds, allowing our Honolulu, Hawaii based clients to return to work with virtually no down time after application.

In Honolulu, polyurea floor coatings can offer a solution to any job that might use an epoxy coating, but our products offer far more strength, flexibilty and versatility than epoxy. Additionally, with a cure time of only a few seconds, they can be be applied in almost any environmental condition, making polyurea the #1 choice in industrial and residential floor coatings in Honolulu, Hawaii such as warehouses, hangars, roadways, garage floors, new building developments, swimming pools and ponds, playgrounds, gymnasiums, secondary containment, zoo's, jails, public bathrooms, aquaponics farms, and more. Give us a call at 808-784-0072 to find out more about Liquid Floor® of Hawaii.

Polyurea vs Epoxy Floors


Considering an epoxy garage floor coating for your home and not sure if its the right choice? Inform yourself and see how polyurea garage floor coatings compare to, outperform, and most importantly, cost less than epoxy garage floor coatings in our FAQ's section.  Continue Reading